Friday, September 13, 2013

Make money online using ClixSense

On ClixSense you get about 20 ads per day that you need to watch.
The ads are 5-30 seconds long. The longer they are, the more they pay.
However, your referrals play a big role in making money with ClixSense too.

With ClixSense you have the ability to get up to 8 level referrals. now what does that mean? If you bring 10 referrals, and those referrals get 10 referrals each, then you are making money out of 110 people, and if each of them gets 10 referrals more then you are earning money out of 1110 people.

Another thing you need to know about is the premium upgrade. The premium upgrade costs only 17$ per year, and it doubles your income and the income you get from your referrals. If one of your referrals upgrade to premium you earn 1-2$.
You can earn money on ClixSense by completing tasks, and playing ClixGrid which can earn you 0.10-5$ per day.

Two months after registration I have 50 referrals and I make some nice money with ClixSense. You can withdraw the money via PayPal or Payza! Minimum cashout for standard members is 8$, and for premium members 6$.
Try it because it's free, and you have nothing to lose.
You can start making money with only 10 minutes per day like me.
ClixSense is tested and proven to be 100% legit site.
Let me be your sponsor.
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